After 14 years on the Highline School Board, Bernie Dorsey has resigned, as he and his wife Jill are relocating out of the area.

Dorsey received accolades from school board members, Superintendent Susan Enfield and the superintendent’s cabinet as his resignation was accepted by the school board at Wednesday night’s (June 23) meeting. His commitment to community engagement was noted in many of the comments.

School Board President Angelica Alvarez told Dorsey:

“I learned from you to consider not only my views and the community I represent but the perspectives of our whole community.”

“I have not been at a meeting with you when you haven’t asked, in one form or another, ‘How are you engaging the people who are impacted by this?'” said Chief Talent Officer Steve Grubb.

Dorsey has served multiple terms as school board president. Superintendent Enfield noted that Dorsey was vice-president of the board when she was hired in 2012.

“No superintendent can be any bolder than her school board will support or allow,” said Dr. Enfield. “Bernie Dorsey asked us all to be bold in fighting for what is best for our Highline students. Thanks to his leadership, our school system has made significant, lasting improvements that will serve as part of his legacy. We will miss him each day.”

    • Dorsey’s resignation leaves the District 4 director position open.
    • The school board will appoint a new board member in August.
    • Candidates must live inside the boundaries of District 4.
    • Find out more information on the process and apply by July 16 to be considered at