Idaho natives Deanna Flodin and Dorothy Davis are well known to the loyal clientele who frequent the Huckleberry Square Restaurant in Burien. They have been serving up all-day breakfasts and favorite pies for a combined 19 years at this family-friendly restaurant.

Their customers know their sunny smiles and attentive service, along with the personal connections that come from a genuine care for others. But how do they maintain the right attitude to deliver their best everyday? We spent a little time to learn what makes them enjoy an industry in which they have over 80 years of combined experience.

As many twins are, Deanna and Dorothy are clearly in sync, often finishing each other’s sentences and nodding along in agreement as they speak. The two share a special bond with each other and cheerily state, “It’s great working together! We’ve worked at the same places most of our lives.”

Twins Deanna Flodin and Dorothy Davis are ready to serve you at Burien’s Huckleberry Square Restaurant.

That includes their very first job at age 14 (yes, Idaho law allowed for early employment) at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken. “We learned how to fry chicken, work the register…everything,” Deanna said.

After eventually settling in the South King County area, the pair worked sometimes together, sometimes apart in beloved institutions such as Red Robin, Marie Callender’s, Sharps Roasters and the famous Dave’s Diner in SeaTac. In each case, they collected a following of regulars who they knew by name and of their “usual.” It was members of that following who tipped Deanna off to apply at Huckleberry Square, when an abrupt closure of the Marie Callender’s in Federal Way sent her looking for a new job. 

“It was a shock,” she said. “They gave us 20 minutes from the time they made the announcement, to the time it took the customers to finish and we could gather our things.” It was one of my regulars who got in touch and said go to Huckleberry Square. In a few years, Dorothy followed suit when Dave’s Diner shuttered.

Now they relish the diversity of their clientele, and the team spirit at Huckleberry Square. “The managers support us,” Deanna said. “It’s a comforting place to come and work and the customers are supportive also.”

“It’s the people…” Dorothy said, when asked what they like best about their job. “We serve people who have all kinds of expertise. We come to know and love our customers.  We have lots of elders coming in and some of them have been coming here since it was Whiz Burger.”

This spot on Ambaum Blvd started as a burger joint called Whiz Burger; later it became Huckleberry Square and was run by Don Spadoni until he recently sold it. Spadoni and his family are well known in the area, particularly within the Italian American community.

“It’s also about the people who work here,” Deanna said, elaborating on the enduring success of the diner. “Patience is key.” Dorothy added. “People who work here care about our guests, and they care about us….Don retired and folks ask about him still.”

“Along with the food…” Dorothy added. “It’s consistent, but improving everyday…even down to the presentation…it’s true comfort food. My favorite is the pot roast, you can cut it with a fork, it’s tender and homestyle. It warms your tummy!”

Chicken Fried Steak!

“Chicken Fried Steak!” Deanna added, “you can have that for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.”

The twins also recommend the Happy Hour (see menu here) Monday through Friday from 3–5 p.m., and Saturday Prime Rib. “Only on Saturday!” said Deanna, “our Prime Rib is really good…and it comes with potato, veg and soup or salad. It’s a real full meal.” “And it’s reasonably priced,” Dorothy said, “anywhere else that 12 oz cut would be $40.00.”

Lastly, they want you to know that “any pie is great!”

Dorothy and Deanna invite you to come check out this historic corner of the Burien dining scene. Whether you crave comfort food, breakfast anytime, or a slice of pie and coffee. They are proud to serve you their best.


Huckleberry Square Restaurant
14423 Ambaum Blvd SW
Burien, WA, 98166


  • 7 a.m.–9 p.m. Daily



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