Bloodworks Northwest this week announced the launch of its three-month “1,000 Thank Yous” campaign, aimed at expressing gratitude for donors across the Pacific Northwest for their heroic efforts to maintain a safe and reliable blood supply as well as highlighting the critical need for blood.

The nonprofit blood center relies on the support of one thousand people walking through donation center and blood drive doors every day to meet the demands of hospitals in the region. Despite only 3 percent of the community donating blood, the continuous flow of approximately 1,000 donors daily is essential to ensure an adequate blood supply for patients in need. The “1,000 Thank Yous” campaign is a heartfelt gesture of appreciation for this selfless act of giving.

“We cannot thank our donors enough for continuously showing up to supply hospitals with lifesaving blood,” said Sue Nixon, Executive Vice President of Community and Donor Engagement at Bloodworks Northwest. “When we think of serving hospitals all across the Pacific Northwest, one thousand people have to donate every single day to have the blood on hand and ready for the patients who need it. The fact that generous people save one another’s lives and that you can do that too, that’s what the 1,000 Thank Yous campaign is about.”

During the campaign, Bloodworks Northwest is saying thank-you to its donors through chances to win prizes. Those who donate through June are eligible to receive one of the following:

  • April: Chance to win a trip to Hawaii
  • May: Chance to win a $1000 gift card
  • June: Chance to win an inflatable Bote stand up paddle board

Bloodworks Northwest serves as the primary blood supplier to hospitals across Western Washington and Oregon, ensuring that it is readily available for patients in need. From Bellingham near the Canadian border to Eugene and Southern Oregon, Bloodworks collects, tests and distributes blood to 95 percent of hospitals in the region. More than a quarter of the blood is used by people battling cancer. Donated blood is also needed for trauma patients, organ transplants, infant deliveries, and blood disorders.

As part of the campaign, Bloodworks Northwest is sharing stories of people whose lives have been profoundly impacted by blood donations. Among these is Dr. Brendan Kelley, a longtime double red cell donor and physician anesthesiologist who understands the critical importance of having enough blood to transfuse during operations.

“I donate because I know too well from trauma, burn and transplant surgeries that donated blood products are an essential resource, and a low blood supply can jeopardize my patients,”  said Kelley. “We always need to be prepared for emergency surgeries, so it is critical that our blood banks be well stocked to support the health of our community year-round. I put patients first, both as a physician in the operating room and as a donor at Bloodworks Northwest.”

Stories such as Kelley’s will be shared across Bloodworks Northwest’s digital site and media channels, providing a look into the personal experiences behind blood donation. Helping share these stories is ten-time Emmy-winning TV host, reporter and visual storyteller Chris Cashman, who is producing a series of stories as he tours eight of Bloodworks’ thirteen donation centers across Washington and Oregon to showcase the campaign efforts.

“There are many reasons why blood donors choose to answer the call to donate, and I am excited to partner with Bloodworks Northwest to tell their stories and give thanks to the one thousand people in our community who help save lives every single day,” said Cashman. “Blood donors are needed more than ever, and each donation can truly save a life. So my question is, will you be one in a thousand?”

For more information about 1000 Thank Yous and to find out how to get involved, visit

About Bloodworks Northwest

Donations to Bloodworks Northwest provide lifesaving blood supply to 95 percent of Pacific Northwest hospitals. Since 1944, Bloodworks has served the Pacific Northwest as a local, nonprofit, independent, volunteer-supported and community-based blood center and research institute. Bloodworks partners closely with local hospitals to deliver the highest level of patient care. Its comprehensive services include blood components, complex cross-matching, specialized lab services for organ transplants, care for patients with blood disorders and collection of cord blood stem cells for cancer treatment. Bloodworks Research Institute performs leading-edge research in blood biology, transfusion medicine, blood storage and treatment of blood disorders. Patients with traumatic injuries, undergoing surgeries or organ transplantation, or receiving treatment for cancer and blood disorders all depend on its services, expertise, laboratories and research. Hear lifesaving stories by subscribing to the award-winning Bloodworks 101 podcast. Blood donation appointments can be scheduled at